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Steel City Cars 'N' At

Pittsburgh's Car Community



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Our Story

Steel City Cars 'N' At (formerly South Hills Cars and Coffee) was established in 2020 as an informal platform for car enthusiasts to showcase their passion. The club holds informal bi-weekly meets at SouthPointe Town Center, in Canonsburg, PA. 

The meets are held on Sundays between 9am -12pm  and are participation events.  Yes, this means you need a unique, modified, or just simply amazing vehicle to bring with you. The meets are held regardless of weather - so bring that shammy.  (If you "don't do cold weather" and need a pep talk - let me know). 

Don't have a car to showcase? Don't worry. I'm sure you know a car nut to call. If you don't, contact me, I'll ride with you. (last fast & furious reference - promise)

Overall premise is simple - Cars, Comradery, and n'at. For the non-Pittsburghers, “n'at” means “and that” which can be a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you fancy. 

After all, family's the most important thing (damnit, I was almost done)....

Come Join The Fun.....

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