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Club Rules

The following rules are mandatory. They are not just rules, they are laws, as immutable as gravity.

Regular meets
Bi-weekly meets are participation events - To be admitted into the main parking garage, you'll need a unique vehicle of some sort. A mini-van does not count - unless you swapped in a blown V8 - then we want your autograph. If you don't have a vehicle to 'show', you can still attend but please use a spectator lot. 

Vehicle Requirements 

Unique, clean, respectable - bring it if you're passionate about it. However, if you aren't willing to pick up your significant other in it, probably a good idea to leave it at home. 

Do NOT speed, rev your engine, or leave in an aggressive way:  There are businesses and apartments around the event. BE RESPECTFUL.  If you need it spelled out - don't be the A****** that ruins it for everyone. We will get your license plate and turn you into the police.  No questions asked. 


To add - filming at the exit is prohibited. Don't entice people.  

No unapproved solicitation
Events are not free to host. Do not advertise or promote your business or events. If you want to promote, contact us.  If you just want to pass things out - Let us know.  I'm sure our sponsors would love someone to hand out flyers. 

No drones - unless approved.

Copy that Maverick?

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